On the drawing board

The list is seemingly endless, delayed only by the daily responsibilities of paid journalism. Heavens, the story of a lost soul trying to find peace in a world where purgatory is entrenched as a self-imposed punishment, is ready for publication. It's a novella and to have expanded it would be to ruin the one work I've never doubted from the first page. Meanwhile, the revenge thriller Taped is finished and seeking a publisher and I'm working on several other books and stories at the same time.
I'm told that's not the way to write but it's the only way I know and I'm not changing.



It's a work of fiction, inspired by real events. What do you do when you have your work stolen, not once but twice, by major companies that can afford to pay and ought to know better? Catch them in the act? Trap them by recording meetings as proof? Sounds good but recording without consent won't hold up in court. To what ends would you go to exact justice or revenge and what are your limits? When Warren Carter decided to get even, he not only unleashed a side of himself he didn't know existed, he put into play a series of dark events that would have life-changing consequences for many people.

Points Along a Line

It's set over 60 years, looking back and forth at the lives of those who shared the same living quarters and often didn't even know each other. No it's not a mystery. It's the interconnecting story of struggling and desperate people, set against an Australian backdrop that could be anywhere in the world.


This is three stories, told in distinctly different literary styles.

Billboards tells in prose the story of a Friday in the city. It follows an interconnecting group of people through the hours towards the end of the working week as they covet or dread the weekend ahead.

Hicksville, a black comedy, is in equal parts and critical and affectionate look at a thriving, family-owned regional newspaper and the city recruit who really doesn't belong there.

Stranger Getting Stranger is a frightener about the back neighbour who is not what or where they appear to be. Hopefully it will make you think twice about staring out the kitchen window while you're doing the dishes.